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OB Visitors during COVID

We make pregnancy and birth an experience the entire family can learn about and share. You'll enjoy comfortable birthing rooms and personalized care during delivery. First-time moms will also benefit from the teaching offered by our experienced nursing staff. Fathers are encouraged to participate in the birth experience.

Our excellent nurses are certified in Fetal Monitoring and Neonatal Resuscitation. We also take special courses in nursing care for labor, postpartum and infant patients.

Feel free to stop by our unit and ask for a free tour!

Amy Lowther

Director of OB/GYN

(719) 383-6109

Delivery Rules - The father or designated coach and two (2) other designated persons per the mother's request may be present for the delivery. Children under 12 are not allowed in the delivery unless prior approval with the physician and nurse has occurred.

C-Section Patients - Only one person will be allowed at the bedside during the recovery period.

Nursery Rules - Mothers and fathers (or person with babies arm band) are the ONLY parties allowed in the nursery.

Services Available Upon Request

Epidural Pain Control- If approved by your physician, our anesthesia department will provide an epidural for pain control.


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