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This is a picture of a Respiratory Care room.
This is a picture of a Respiratory Care room.

Respiratory Care

Scope of Service

We provided diagnostic and therapeutic Respiratory Care for all patients ranging from neonatal through geriatric.

For questions, please contact
Kate Dunn-Richmond, RRT
(719) 383-6314

Cardio - Pulmonary Diagnostics & Therapies Include:
Arterial Blood Gases
Broncho-dilator Administration
Chest Physical Therapy & Postural Drainage
Oxygen &Therapeutic Gas Administration
Pulmonary Function Testing
Pressure Ventilation - Neonatal & Adult
Incentive Spirometry
Cardiac Stress Testing-Nuclear Stress Testing
Volume Ventilation
Holter Monitoring
Outpatient Program for Children & Adults
Abnormal Movements or Behavior in Sleep
Sleep apnea & Severe Snoring
Excessive Sleepiness
Chronic Insomnia
Seasonal Depression
Nocturnal Seizures
Sleep Schedule Disorders
Night Terrors
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

AVRMC Sleep Lab

Monday - Friday
8:00pm - 8:00am
Phone: (719) 383-6316

Sleep Studies / Neurodiagnostics
18 Channel Polysomnograms
Monitoring: EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG, Air Movement, Oxygen Saturation, Snoring, and Body Postition
Initiate CPAP, BIPAP, and/or Oxygen as clinically indicated
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