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This is a picture of a Respiratory Therapy room
This is a picture of a Respiratory Therapy room

Respiratory Therapy

Scope of Service

We provided diagnostic and therapeutic Respiratory Care for all patients ranging from neonatal through geriatric.

For questions please contact Diane Bustamante or
Cynthia Long
(719) 383-6312

Cardio - Pulmonary Diagnostics & Therapies Include:
Arterial Blood Gases
Broncho-dilator Administration
Chest Physical Therapy & Postural Drainage
Oxygen &Therapeutic Gas Administration
Pulmonary Function Testing
Pressure Ventilation - Neonatal & Adult
Incentive Spirometry
Cardiac Stress Testing-Nuclear Stress Testing
Volume Ventilation
Holter Monitoring
Outpatient Program for Children & Adults
Abnormal Movements or Behavior in Sleep
Sleep apnea & Severe Snoring
Excessive Sleepiness
Chronic Insomnia
Seasonal Depression
Nocturnal Seizures
Sleep Schedule Disorders
Night Terrors
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

AVRMC Sleep Lab

Monday - Friday
8:00pm - 8:00am
Phone: (719) 383-6316

Sleep Studies / Neurodiagnostics
18 Channel Polysomnograms
Monitoring: EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG, Air Movement, Oxygen Saturation, Snoring, and Body Postition
Initiate CPAP, BIPAP, and/or Oxygen as clinically indicated


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