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SB17-065 Transparency & Affordability

Chargemaster AVRMC

ER Charges for Levels 1-5

Top 25 Outpatient Diagnosis

Top 50 Inpatient Diagnosis

Physicians Clinic Top 15 Diagnosis



The file "Chargemaster AVRMC" contains a listing of the charge amount for certain items used by AVRMC in the delivery of care to its patients. As a Consumer, you need to be aware that depending on your level of need, and items ordered by your physician depending on your particular unique disease, your charges may be different than another person with the same diagnosis.

The listing of chargemaster items is for information only. Caution should be exercised when trying to estimate charges due to the different approaches used in the treatment of the same disease process.

We invite you to forward any questions to us, and/or visit with one of financial counselors.


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